What *Really* Matters at Your Beach Wedding

Before you stress yourself out about all the little things that can go wrong on your big day, remember there are only five minutes that really, truly matter.

You have three days to go.

Twelve months of planning have passed and just three days remain.

You’re not sleeping, your consumption of wine and chocolate has gone through the roof and subsequently so has your consumption of coffee. We get it: it's getting close to your W-day. You're getting nervous and want everything to be perfect. Do you realise that what’s really important takes about five minutes?

The forecast says there’s a chance of showers, the DJ hasn’t confirmed your playlist yet and the florist had to make a last-minute change to your bouquet inclusion. Don't bother stressing about these things.

The weather, the food, your annoying bridesmaid and future mother-in-law or if the cake, flowers or music are going to be EXACTLY how you want them really do not matter. You cannot control any of that. Just trust in the people around you, trust in your research and vendor selections, and let go of what may or may not happen.

Don't get caught up and lose sight of what's really important because this special event literally boils down to five minutes, perhaps 10 at the most.

Don't forget why you are planning this big day, why you're even booking music or having a cake made. 

You are doing all of this so you can get married but you know what? Exchanging vows with the person you love only takes about five minutes. And that is what is important. That’s why you're doing all the planning and preparations for this one day. So that you exchange your vows and change your life forever.

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