Is a Beach Wedding *Really* for You?

Outdoor weddings aren't always movie perfect, but they are always perfectly romantic for the right couple.

Picture it: palm trees sway in the warm breeze… azure waves lap gently at your feet (but don’t wet your perfect pedi or dampen the hem of your designer gown)… the sun sets exactly as you say, ‘I do’, flooding the whole scene with beautiful golden light...  

Many brides get their idea of a beach wedding from movies and brochures, and while we do get magnificent sunsets at Gnarabup Beach,  nature is never entirely under our control. Breezes blow, clouds cast shadows, waves deposit seaweed on beautiful beaches. A  barefoot beach celebration isn't a picture-perfect Hollywood movie, but it's always perfectly romantic for the right couple.

Here’s how to tell if beach wedding is right for you.

1. You love being at the beach

If you love beaching, surfing, boogie-boarding and having  salty skin, sun-kissed skin and toes full of sand, look no further, you’re in the right place! A simply stunning barefoot beach wedding is right for you.

2. You love nature and the outdoors

If you’re an outdoorsy, sporty couple who enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and think life is an adventure , then a beach wedding is a great fit for you. You understand and appreciate the beauty and power of nature, and want to be in the midst of it all. You'll love the drama of our wild coastline as it curves protectively your ceremony on Gnarabup Beach, sheltering you without blocking the view out over the Indian Ocean. 

3. You’re not too fussed about having loads of fancy props or elaborate décor

Don’t get us wrong: your ceremony and reception will be stunning and we’ll craft an incredible beach arbour for your vows. But our décor and styling will be elegant and understated, enhancing the exquisite natural beauty that already surrounds us. If you’re thinking of an elaborate theme worthy of  Cirque du Soleil or something out of the Palace of Versailles,  a relaxed beach wedding isn’t quite right for you.

4. The thought of getting married indoors doesn’t appeal to you

Now, we’re not knocking couples who choose an hall or religious building for their ceremony,  but if you know that being indoors is not your idea of a dream wedding, then its definitely worth exploring a beach wedding. Don’t feel pressurised into using an indoor venue just because it’s what everyone does. You’re not everyone.

5. Your wedding dress doesn't depend on towering heels and a perfect updo

Getting married outdoors is more suited to couples who are interested in looking good but feeling comfortable. Who won't mind a breeze mussing their hair, or needing to wear flats - or go barefoot - for their wedding ceremony on the beach. Designer glamour generally suits an indoor venue where air flow control and firm ground underfoot can be guaranteed.

6. Your guestlist is close family and best mates - not everyone you ever met

Beach wedding venues are generally quite small with limited facilities like toilets, kitchens and car parks. If you’re planning to invite more than 200 people and would also like it to be a sit-down, multi-course meal, then it’s unlikely a beach wedding will work for you.

At Barefoot Beach Weddings, we can cater for up to 200 people cocktail-style, which means most people standing, dancing and mingling) or up to 50 people banquet-style. Beach weddings tend to be very sociable because everyone is free to mingle, and more intimate because they are smaller, and more casual because of the excellent beach vibes.  

7. You want to enjoy a great party with dancing into the night

If you have a very traditional wedding reception in mind, which will feature long speeches and solemn moments,  a beach wedding isn't ideal. If you can't wait to get down to serious celebrations with your nearest and dearest at the reception, then a beach wedding is more your style.  It's less formal - think spontaneous toasts, dancing under the stars, and making new  memories to your favourite music. Wedding parties are one of the things we do best. 

8. You want a destination wedding that's also affordable

It's easy to be obsessed with what’s on offer at beach destinations outside Australia,  but choosing a domestic destination wedding means no international flights, no passports, jet-lag, visas or belly aches. You and your guests arrive fresh and ready to make memories, and get to have an actual holiday around your wedding celebration. 

When you choose a destination like Margaret River, there is stacks to do and see, and something to keep everyone entertained from your Nan to your little nieces and nephews. Explore the South West region's famous wineries, award-winning restaurants, scenic beauty spots, million-year old limestone caves, and truly perfect beaches. 

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