Beach Ceremony Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding etiquette can be pretty intense, but our barefoot beach weddings  do’s and don’ts are all about you having the best time at your wedding.

Wedding etiquette can be pretty intense when it comes to the rules governing what you wear, who can be your bridesmaid and the order of toasts and speeches. But since we do simply stunning barefoot beach weddings, our  do’s and don’ts are more practical and all about you having the best time at your wedding at our gorgeous Gnarabup Beach.

#1 Don’t sweat the small stuff

After months (or even years) of planning, it’s done now. So what if the napkins aren’t the exact shade of peach you’ve dreamt of since you were six? Who cares if the cake is only two layers rather than three? Channel Frozen and let it go. You’ve closed the planning chapter and your wedding ceremony will be beautiful, deep peach napkins or not!

#2 Do throw out traditions that don't give you joy

Some traditions are charming, others are a bit odd – only you know how you feel about each one. If you want to walk down the aisle to ‘your song’ instead of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, go for it! If you want your old stepdad to be your best man, do it. If you think throwing confetti is silly, replace it with guests holding lit sparklers (just think of the photos for Insta!). Point is, this your day and you get to do what’s right for both of you.

#3 Do make peace with nature

A beach wedding means sunshine, clouds, light breezes, brisk breezes, sand, seaweed, sea birds, lapping waves and incoming tides. As organised and experienced as we are, even we are powerless against Mother Nature. Instead of fighting her, we work with her. If your reception has to be moved inside because of a rare unexpected shower, we promise you that your guests will understand. You’re here to celebrate your new spouse, your fabulous friends, your wonderful family and your new life, not to be sad because a dolphin didn’t leap up the exact moment you said, ‘I do’!

#4 Do smile

Ceremonies are emotional… parents may shed a tear that their little girl or boy is all grown up, a friend might secretly pine that you’re now the one that got away and even you may feel a little teary. And that’s all OK. It can be so overwhelming that you feel like you need to concentrate on everything the celebrant is saying – but that can make you look so serious that everyone worries that you’re having regrets. So do go ahead and smile, laugh, throw a chirp or two, stop and hug folks – this is meant to be fun, after all!

#5 Don’t worry – it’s under control!

‘Have the catering crew remembered the vegan canapes? Has the DJ got the right version of the song for the parents’ dance? Are the beers going to be cold enough for my mates?’. It’s possible these thoughts could worm their way into your head as you’re gazing at your beloved… to which we say, ‘Relax, we’ve got it under control’.

We’ve been planning barefoot beach weddings for years and work with a team of experienced and trusted service providers. All of us have each other’s backs and want you to have an incredible, worry-free day. We triple-check everything,  we count and recount, we walk through the whole rollout of the evening so that nothing goes amiss. Our job is to know that the prawns will come off the grill at the right moment, that the sliders won’t be  late, and every guest will be looked after.

Your job is to enjoy being very newly married! You make happy memories, we take care of everything else.

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